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The best way of cooking

like master chefs


Healthy in everyway


Laserpan cooking devices and pans are to be produced under the rules of European Union (EU 1935/2004), German BfR and chooses raw materials under those law. Does not use PFOA in the coatings which are harmful to human body.

Lasercoat does not include

PFOA, Cadmium, Ceramic.

Approved Quality


With its German technology interior non stick coating (lasercoat) and Alluminum, stainless steel body functions it is produced to give highest quality cooking experience in Professional and house kitchens.

3 Rivids Stainless Handle

Three strong rivets with stainless steel handle gives the chance to use on fireplace or oven.

4 mm Body Thickness

4 mm body keeps enough energy on it for the best results on stamping the meats.

One click away to the best Recipies of Master Chefs with Laserpan’s Pattented Technology


With patented lasercoat barcod systems Laserpan in your kitchen directs you sometimes to an informative chef school sometimes to best cooking reciepts with your mobile device.

With this impressive invention students can attend their cooking classes in their chef schools or cooking lovers can meet with best chefs via internet.

Use the QR code on your pan,

Get the best recipies in seconds.

Fancy Designs


Patented Lasercoat technology gives the Laserpan to be a visual show designs internal body on nonstick coating to make your kitchen more fancy.

Be the coolest Chef with your Laserpan Apron & Bag



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