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Frying Pan Meat Fajitas

1 kilo beef julienne


1 tea spoon salt

1 tea spoon red pepper

1 tea spoon thyme


2 table spoons soy sauce

1 table spoon vinegar

½ tea glass olive oil

1 tea spoon black pepper

2 cloves of garlic



Cover with plastic wrap and keep in room temperature for 2 hours

Thinly slice 1 red onion

Start heating the Laserpan pan in high heat

Julienne 2 red pepper and 2 green peppers

Add your rested meat to the pan and sear

Once it starts releasing its juice, close a lid on top and cook in low heat until it absorbs all the juice.

Add onions and keep frying

Add the peppers and keep cooking until they slightly change color

Move to the serving plate

Put lavash on the same pan and softly toast with the meats oil

Cover the meat with the lavash and serve hot