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Tenderloin With Coffee and Mushroom Sauce

Pestle 4-5 coffee beans

Pour olive oil in a deep plate

Add the crushed coffee beans

Add half a tea glass of espresso

Add one teaspoon salt and black pepper

Stir firmly

Lay the tenderloins in the mix and rub with your fingertips

Marinate in room temperature for 1 hour

Add olive oil and one thinly sliced onion to your Laserpan pan

Add mushrooms and fry

Once they release and absorb their water, add 100 ml cream

Add salt and black pepper

Add half a tea glass of espresso and stir

Heat Laserpan pan in high heat

Remove your meat from mix, separate the coffee flakes from the meat and cook to your liking

Slice the tenderloins and serve with coffee and mushroom sauce

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